Video Disc Players Top Ten Parts Supplier Industry Acceptance Speech

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“Sokkia’s Cup 2009 Ten Best Video Award Presentation Ceremony cum-press conference” on March 18, 2010 in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse grand opening. As audio-visual industry’s most influential brand contest, the organizers once again heavy HC Media Network to create “business Oscar”, 60 companies from China and its brands boarded the selection of the highest step of the podium. HC Network Chairman Guo Fansheng, Lili Biao, general manager of HC Network AV, Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China Electronic Visual associations, and activities of selected members of the Secretary-General Haoya Bin, award-winning business representatives, agents, and many of the media nearly 200 people together to meet the current industry events.

2009 Annual Top Ten Chinese Media Industry Fitting Suppliers

60 years old birthday in the motherland, the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up the face of new opportunities, new challenges, “Sokkia’s Cup 2009 Ten Best Video Award Presentation Ceremony cum-press conference with” impact of innovation and development responsibilities “as the theme, review, summarize, evaluate, promote innovation and positive change over the past year to promote recognition of audio-visual industry in China has made outstanding contributions to the progress and development of enterprise and brand.-depth research by industry, academics, experts and all authorities depth analysis to understand the development of the industry context, clear development of the industry thinking, summed up the development of industry experience, to grasp the dynamic development of the industry, a breakthrough Financial Crisis brought about the development of the industry bottlenecks. Meanwhile, the selection activities to enhance the industry’s brand awareness, establish industry business model, industry leading companies and brands to promote the pace of building.

China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute Economic Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Technology, Deputy Director Mr. Zhang Yachen said: “Brands do not need to accumulate continuing into overnight, of course, need to experience it like today by non-governmental third parties to initiate and organize the industry evaluation and promotion, so I hope the award-winning business, award-winning brand, will cherish this opportunity, to make good use of that opportunity. ”

Access audio and video industry in China in 2009 the top ten parts suppliers are as follows:

Lung Yan: Thanks for such a platform, HC network so that we show ourselves better and better wishes to thank HC network.

Guangdong and Hong Kong: HC network once again thank our recognition, and we have high quality services and products and services to our customers and friends thank you.

Yongsheng ICP: Thank HC network of experts, the jury, the majority of users, wished China’s enterprises go higher, farther Thank you.

Yongqiang: first I want to thank HC Yongqiang company network, video network provides us with a platform to thank the judges for this audio-visual industry development after a number of proposed guidelines, and today I can with many outstanding business leaders boss, gathered in Beijing, I am honored to join with you in the future I am willing to work together, innovation and production of audio-visual industry for more use of PVC grain, thank you.

Ya Li-Wei: Thank HC net for our company an opportunity to show themselves, we will go hand in hand with the HC network to create the core part of our own brand influence Thank you.

Star Kelon: Members Hello everybody, I am very honored to meet with you in this with them to learn, to thank the Government, to thank HC network, giving us this opportunity. Also very honored to receive this award, so we have a new company hopes to take this opportunity on behalf of our company thanks to new and existing customers, thank you for your support and guidance for me, thank you, thank you.

Hongyun: I am honored to receive this award again, very grateful to HC network, thank you friends, judges and experts, in order to revitalize and re-brilliant video will consistently Thank you.

Yong Xin: On behalf of Yong Xin Electronic Co., Ltd. is responsible for the organizers and thank you colleagues and friends, we Guangzhou Xin company is determined to technology-driven business development, uphold the pillars of intellectual property use has Power supply Management chip, thank you.

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