how to successfully lose weight

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The most important reason that makes you fail with your weight loss plan is not knowing enough about your own type of body.

Not knowing enough about training that works for YOUR body.
Not knowing which food to eat for getting the best nutrition for YOUR body type.
Not knowing which supplements will work with YOUR body type, I could go on but it would be
a very very very long list. My point is this, when you are struggling to lose weight it does not
mean that you are doing everything wrong or doing the exercises wrong, the solution is often very
easy and close at hand.

We have to keep in mind that we are all individuals and our bodies reacts differently to nutrition and exercise. This is essential in how to lose weight successfully.

When you decide that you want to lose weight most of you forgets the most logical steps to take.
For example running several miles per day for a year might make one person lose all the weight
they need, while another person might not lose even a pound.
The person in this example that did not lose any weight has missed a very logical and crucial step before he/she started running.
What the person should have done was to meet with a personal trainer who most likely would have told he/she that running every day is not the best exercise for this person.

In my book there is 5 crucial steps in how to lose weight successfully.

1.Motivation, this is the first and probably the most important step!
2.Meet with a doctor to see what physical shape you are in, and what vitamins you may need.
3.Meet with a dietitian, because without the right diet your hard training may not give results.
4.Meet with a personal trainer to set up the right exercises for your body type.
5.Motivation, do not lose your motivation, always find ways to keep motivating yourself.

So before you sign up with the “worlds best ever training program” or buy “groundbreaking supplements” ( leaving you tapped out) just follow these 5 steps and you soon will find yourself dropping pounds.

Of course this is “much easier said than done” …..Right??….WRONG!

The only obstacle that is really hard, is to get the right motivation, however when you do find yourself motivated the rest will follow very easy.

Here is 2 tips to help with your motivation.

1, Keep away from negative and self-sabotaging thoughts.
If you do not believe in yourself you will never achieve your weight loss goals.
Just keep a positive approach to your diet and exercise.

2, Get a “training pal”, a friend or someone with a positive influence on you, it will help
your weight loss to succeed tremendously if you can find someone to share your training
schedule and even your diet.

So this is how to successfully lose weight. good luck to you all, I wish you every success!

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