4 Best Reality Martial Arts Training Tips!

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Here are four important principles to consider if you are ever faced with a life or death assault. The very essence of how you need to handle yourself in a real street fight (basically, whether you live or die) is summed up in these four key topics, which I will outline for you. For your very survival, it is imperative that you have the necessary skills and understanding of defending yourself against street-based attacks should this terrible set of circumstances manifests itself in your life.

Best reality based martial arts tip number one is to GIVE IN to your assailant’s demands if he has a gun! Better to be a smart and poor than to be a “hero” and dead! Just give the guy all he really wants – your money – and you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your life. The same goes for an attacker with a knife.

Best reality based martial arts tip number two is that the “high-flying” kung fu moves you see in the movies and online are purely fictional, and for entertainment only. One of the easiest ways to get sliced and stabbed is to sour through the air, feet ablaze, literally kicking and screaming at a knife wielder. I have personally seen a man wind up in the hospital because, during a bar fight, he thought he’d become Bruce Lee and try this! Keep in mind that since you obviously cannot always control the SITUATION, the key is to always be in complete control of YOURSELF! I cannot emphasis enough just how important it is to NOT mimic the flashy fight scenes you’ve seen in movies!

Best reality based martial arts tip number three is the fact that a blow to the face or stomach is typically not as bad as you may think. More often than not, your adrenaline will be so high that you really won’t even notice the punch that much. Also, you’ll most likely only suffer indirect hits instead of punches that connect fully. Practicing defensive moves, especially to lessen the effects of a blow when one is imminent, will help you become the best fighter you can. Train with friend on these finer, more intricate details in your gym, or even in the privacy of your own home, and you’ll discover that not only your skills, but also your belief in yourself, will grow much stronger.

Best reality based martial arts tip number four is get your FEAR under control. You cannot defeat your attacker when you are “battling” yourself! Even when taking blows in an assault, you still need to have some calmness – or at least understanding – so that you can effectively defend yourself. Panicking will generally get you absolutely demolished! Through much training, you need to learn to keep your cool even during a brutal attack.

So don’t drift of to “la la land – remain in reality! Let the “Crouching Tiger” stay where it belongs – onscreen! Simple is usually best. Fancy, flashy, high-flying kung fu martial arts moves from the movies will typically get you “PAIN” … or get you “DEAD!” So NEVER lose sight of these four basic tips, and you’ll certainly be more prepared to take care of yourself during a street fight.

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